A nice place to grow up and grow old

Natalia from Clinical Information and Shyam from HR at a staff vision session
Staff and consumer representatives have had an opportunity to shape our New Bankstown Hospital through a series of workshops and drop-in sessions.
The sessions focused on the non-clinical aspects of the hospital design including patient and staff amenity, retail, services and green spaces.
Redevelopment Director Jennifer Assaf said the project team was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of staff and their well-considered suggestions, which covered everything from the design of doors to a request for a French patisserie.
“Our project user groups have done an outstanding job on the clinical design of the new facilities, but we wanted the broader hospital community’s ideas about what makes a positive staff and patient experience,” Jennifer said.
“Staff and consumers told us they want a safe, clean, well-designed and contemporary environment that they can be proud of.”
Easy-to-access public transport and parking, delicious, affordable food, and access to nature were common themes.
“Staff told us they’d like food offerings and services that are convenient to access during their busy work day, including facilities for banking, a retail pharmacy, post office, and grab-and-go shopping for things like bread, milk and ready meals,” Jennifer said.
“A sustainable approach, and a welcoming, vibrant environment with arts and cultural activities was also important.
"With one staff member summing up their ideal hospital as 'the best place for me' to have a great career with work/life balance, staff were enthusiastic contributors to the new hospital vision," she said.
A special session for General Services gave our busy support staff an opportunity to share their experiences, and highlighted the need for well-designed storage, separated transport corridors and innovative systems.
For consumers, a patient-centred approach, carer zones, easy drop-off and pick-up, less clutter, and the need for access to quiet spaces and gardens were paramount.
They stressed the importance of something welcoming and not traditional - something that “doesn’t look like a hospital”.
Consumers also considered what made Bankstown unique, with one person describing it as “a nice place to grow up and grow old”.
The feedback has been provided to the architects and planners, and will be incorporated into the design approach.

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