How to build a hospital

Building a hospital is a complex process because every redevelopment is tailored to a community’s unique needs.

We’re currently at the master planning stage. The master plan needs to be completed before we can move on to the design stage.

At every stage, we work closely with project user groups (PUGs) which lead the final design. PUGs include staff representatives, planners, architects and consumer representatives (for any area which provides direct patient services, such as wards).

We also consult with the wider staff, patients, carers, visitors, community members and local stakeholders to make sure we have understood what the community needs.

Only after we have conducted this extensive planning and design process can we start building.

Delivery involves the award of a construction tender with the successful contractor beginning construction works which can include enabling works to get a site ready for main construction, and the major works to build the new hospital.

For more info, check out this helpful video.